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I'm a guy who makes music - I like trance, breakbeat, dnb, synthpop and lot of other genres too. If anyone wants to use any of my songs for something, just ask me! Check out my stuff here: . The name is from the song "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. Look it up.

I blog about electronic music elsewhere and use this tumblr blog for anything else. That's mostly comics at the moment : I'm a fan of Supergirl , Batgirl and Captain Marvel.


New 52 SuperGirl.
Costume made and worn by me. Worn at ECCC 2014.
Photos #4,6 by Darkain Multimedia and photos #1,7 by Al Lin.

In progress shots are on my FB:

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I can’t accept that. I can’t accept that there was only one black woman in the entire film, who delivered one line and who we never saw again. I can’t accept that the bad guys were Asian and that although in China, Lucy’s roommate says, “I mean, who speaks Chinese? I don’t speak Chinese!” I can’t accept that in Hercules, which I also saw this weekend, there were no people of color except for Dwayne Johnson himself and his mixed-race wife, whose skin was almost alabaster. I can’t accept that she got maybe two lines and was then murdered. I can’t accept that the “primitive tribe” in Hercules consisted of dark-haired men painted heavily, blackish green, to give their skin (head-to-toe) a darker appearance, so the audience could easily differentiate between good and bad guys by the white vs. dark skin. I can’t accept that during the previews, Exodus: Gods and Kings, a story about Moses leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, where not a single person of color is represented, casts Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton to play Egyptians. I can’t accept that in the preview for Kingsman: The Secret Service, which takes place in London, features a cast of white boys and not a single person of Indian descent, which make up the largest non-white ethnic group in London. I can’t accept that in stories about the end of the world and the apocalypse, that somehow only white people survive. I can’t accept that while my daily life is filled with black and brown women, they are completely absent, erased, when I look at a TV or movie screen.s

Olivia Cole - Lucy: Why I’m Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen (via noely-g)

Same here. And this is why everyone should go see Snowpiercer instead!

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(via thistlecat)


Red Lanterns #29 - “Forever”

written by Charles Soule
art by Alessandro Vitti


Normally we don’t pay much attention to the National Review here at The Mary Sue—after all, you don’t often see them reporting on the same kinds of stories that we tend to cover in the pop culture and science sphere. But, as it turns out, one columnist who writes for them has very specific opinions about those topics, in an article entitled… “Smarter Than Thou: Neil deGrasse Tyson and America’s Nerd Problem.” Hoo boy. I have a bad feeling about this.

Columnist Charles C.W. Cooke’s argument, more or less, is that liberally-minded political figures—particularly those in the media—have aligned itself with rationalism and scientific exploration as a way to feel intellectually superior to their conservative counterparts (I’d counter that conservatives have been doing the exact same thing aligning themselves with “tradition” and “family values” for a while now, but let’s keep personal politics out of it for just a second). In particular, he cites Neil deGrasse Tyson as the poster boy for those who “presume themselves to be smarter than everybody else in the world.” On its face, it’s not an inaccurate notion. This kind of smugness is one the curses being a nerd brings sometimes—hell, it’s a curse of being human, really. We all have to check in ourselves every once in a while to make sure we’re not being jerks at the expense of other people who don’t know what we know about a particular subject.

But of course, he does not stop there. It’s not enough that self-identifying liberal nerds are acting like they know better than everybody else and are also ruining America with their terrible collectivist ways, or whatever. Apparently they’re also totally faking it to get people to think they’re cool.

Wait, why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, because it’s literally a Fake Geek Girl Argument.


No, seriously, WTF?

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Harley Quinn in Batman: Assault on Arkham

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Hawkman, Blue Beetle, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Arkillo, and Miss Martian from Lego Batman 3.


Olive and Maps exploring the grounds of Gotham Academy. Some more progress from the drawing board.

Is it October yet?


Finally did something for this… on the 2nd to last day of the month. ^^;

Wish I posted more Cass related stuff but I haven’t had much time for drawing lately. I did re-read her Batgirl arcs though!