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I'm a guy who makes music - I like trance, breakbeat, dnb, synthpop and lot of other genres too. If anyone wants to use any of my songs for something, just ask me! Check out my stuff here: . The name is from the song "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. Look it up.

I blog about electronic music elsewhere and use this tumblr blog for anything else. That's mostly comics at the moment : I'm a fan of Supergirl , Batgirl and Captain Marvel.


Gonna be a quick SDCC trip for me this year. I’ll be down Saturday morning to promote our small, independent comic book movie, THE POSTHUMAN PROJECT, then coming back up to Los Angeles that night.

SO! If you don’t catch me on Saturday’s panel, you’rrrrre probably not gonna catch me at all!

(And if you’d like to see the latest POSTHUMAN PROJECT trailer, it’s over here.)

SATURDAY, JULY 26th, 2014

11:35am - 1:25pm: THE POSTHUMAN PROJECT Screening and Q&A (Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina)

Denny Burke is finally about to graduate from high school. Senior year has been one bad thing after another: a broken leg, a broken heart, and-worst of all-a broken home. With four of his closest friends, Denny goes on one last rock- climbing trip to prove he’s ready to start his adult life. On their trip, the five teens receive a genetic boost beyond anything they’d ever imagined. Denny’s soon faced with the first big decision of his adult life: Does he give up these powers and stay a normal teenager, or does he keep them…and graduate from the human race? Participating panelists include Kyle Roberts (director), Sterling Gates (writer), and Lindsay Sawyer (actress).


I thought you guys think Justice League are tools? 

Timmy, get down. You’re ruining the composition

Teen Titans #2 Cameron Stewart Variant

Not really, I think nobody here know how to compose themselves.

I propose a motion that we clone Cameron Stewart and have them do all the covers to DC’s teen and Young Justice-y books forthwith


seriously every line of this movie is gold

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"There is little if anything that is redeemable about this issue. It’s an exercise in excess and asks the reader to bear with it, to look at the bigger picture. 10 issues in, Superman and Wonder Woman have spent more time apart than together in a book that should promote the converse, and when they are together, Sweet Grace, run for your life. We’re consistently reminded that these two should not be together, but mostly in the form that there is something wrong with Wonder Woman. She doesn’t know how to maintain a relationship; she can’t "keep a man," if we’re to believe Laniac. Siquiera’s excellent pencils can’t save this issue, but why to save what’s been doomed from the start?"

Right DC, can we end the Fauxmance already?

It boggles my mind that they have Lois Lane as a 12th level intelligence and Wonder Woman with God of War powers & this book was about these two superpowered female icons (feminist icons) battling about boyfriends.  Not Metropolis in danger.  Not the planet in danger. And WW despite her GOW powers, couldn’t quite get the fact that Lois was green and had 3 circles on her head.  Plus when Lois told her she wasn’t quite herself, she mentioned The Collector. Brainiac.  John Corben.  And what does WW latch onto —- who is John Corben?  ARE YA KIDDING ME!   Quit insulting my intelligence DC and stop damaging these characters.  Another Lobdell/editorial plot! pure crap

^What they said.



Story by Jeff Lemire
Pencils by Mike McKone
Inks by Cam Smith & Guillermo Ortego
Colours by Marcelo Maiolo & Andrew Dalhouse

Been so busy these past few weeks between Glasgow Comic Con, London Film & Comic Con and a deadline on Friday that I completely missed this book coming out!

Hope you guys have already checked it out, but for those that haven’t here’s a small preview.

It was a real pleasure to be given the chance to help out on the issue!


Karl Moline's commissions for Buffy and Fray.

Nice. Karl Moline is solicited to draw October’s Supergirl #35.


No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

Original available here
More BGSG comics




Of course, the few comments so far are mostly by offensive Neanderthals.  Thought certain followers might be interested in this article.

DC does need more diversity and the fact they won’t let Kate and Maggie marry IS fucked up


Saying that DC has a bigger problem with a lack of diversity and the white straight cis ‘status quo’ than Marvel is questionable to me

DC currently has a book that STARS an out lesbian woman in a loving and committed relationship with another lesbian woman, with gay and lesbian characters in the supporting cast

It has a queer trans woman and her lesbian girlfriend in Batgirl and the creators have promised further LGBTQI representation to come

It has a queer POC woman in Aquaman and the Others, a gay man starring in Earth 2, two gay male characters and two canon lesbian characters in Batman Eternal right now, a gay couple in the supporting cast of The Flash

Meanwhile Marvel?

Marvel has NO lesbian couples in ANY of their comics

Marvel has ONE lesbian woman in All new Ultimates who has so far never been portrayed actually having a relationship with another girl

It has a gay man who never dates in Avengers Undercover and another gay man who never does or says anything to actually indicate that he’s gay beyond ONE line of dialogue several issues ago in Uncanny X-men

It has NO trans women

It has no POC queer women

It has NO gay male couples appearing in any of its books at present.

And yeah, a woman is now Thor…a white, cis woman who will, most likely, be straight given Marvel’s track record to date…this isn’t to say that the new Thor won’t be fun to read but it’s really not progressive to have a blonde white straight cis woman starring in a comic

DC DOES need to do better when it comes to diversity

But for all their mistakes, they are doing a hell of a lot better than Marvel has EVER done. Marvel’s history is a history of ignoring queer people, ESPECIALLY queer women actually exist and of bigoted and lesbophobic treatment of queer female characters in addition to multiple instances of transphobic ‘humour’

DC had books with lesbian and trans women back when Marvel’s ‘LGBTQI representation’ consisted of Northstar…and that’s it

Being excited about the new Captain America and Thor is fine and I am totally looking forward to seeing what happens with them as well but let’s not make the mistake that just because Marvel has added a bit more POC and female representation to their A-list heroes that Marvel is some amazing, progressive example that DC should aspire toward because Marvel are still one of the most backward and stuck in the past comics publishers in existence right now :(

Marvel has a LOT of problematic and troubling problems in its stories and among its writing staff and should not be viewed as some beacon of acceptance and progressiveness

Before people decide to kiss Marvel’s ass too much.

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New Bad Movie Beatdown! I find there’s no love lost when it comes to the movie that infamously ended Mike Myers’ career, The Love Guru - through pain, we can let the spiritual healing begin.

Oh my god, why does this film exist?? Even filtered through Film Brain’s review I can barely believe someone greenlit this piece of shit.


Sometimes I worry that I might cross a line in the activities I imply Lobdell partakes. But then I realize all that I’ve ever really said, in many various and imaginative ways, is that Scott Lobdell sucks at writing. And the only way he can prove I’m lying is to write something decent. Which he can’t do. So I’m lawsuit proof!