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I'm a guy who makes music - I like trance, breakbeat, dnb, synthpop and lot of other genres too. If anyone wants to use any of my songs for something, just ask me! Check out my stuff here: . The name is from the song "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. Look it up.

I blog about electronic music elsewhere and use this tumblr blog for anything else. That's mostly comics at the moment : I'm a fan of Supergirl , Batgirl and Captain Marvel.


Batgirl Is A Phenomenon
from Robin 088 2001-05 digital

This is the oft posted “Become Faster” sequence in max tumblr resolution with a digital source. It perfectly captures Cassandra (skilled, intense, blunt) and Stephanie’s (a novice, upbeat, uncertain) characters.

The stinger at the end is a great example of Bruce showing paternal pride in Cass:
Steph: Will I ever be that good?
Batman: Honestly? Probably not. Batgirl is a phenomenon.

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It’s been a while since I got angry online. I generally don’t miss it: but call me Mrs Ranty, today I felt that urge again.

I tweeted all weekend about cake - mostly fun tweets, for which I was rewarded with a significant increase in my follower numbers - not that I really care about that, but…


Seriously, everyone. If you have a younger brother or cousin or what have you really into the gamer scene right now, make sure they aren’t getting swept up in the whole GamerGate mania right now.

There’s a horrifying lack of empathy brewing in the corners of the…


Today, it happened again: a number of celebrities were targeted, and their private, intimate photos were leaked online.

This is not their fault. You have the right to take whatever pictures of yourself you wish. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, then no harm, no foul. The blame…


Scott Pilgrim’s actors


Supergirl #29 - “Inner Demons”

written by Tony Bedard
art by Yildiray Cinar & Ray McCarthy

I find it interesting looking through tumblr and seeing which comic book moments are the most reblogged and liked. I’m not at all surprised that this is one of the more popular bits of the last arc of Supergirl. Bedard’s run has felt most natural when it stops to do something like this. I just wish he’d done it a lot more. 


I had and over all GREAT time at Dragoncon. I felt lots of love and support. Whether I was Marceline, Supergirl, or Bedelia, I never once was touched inappropriately or cat called, or asked to pose for a photo that made me feel uncomfortable with what was going to happen with that photo later.

However, my day as Supergirl started off with one conversation that kept happening all day,

<b>”So did you decide to be supergirl because it was an easy costume, or do you actually like her.”</b>

7:15 am, in line to get my day pass, first thing a stranger said to me that day. And it is not acceptable and I will break down why this needs to stop.

And let me tell you two things. NUMBER ONE: Supergirls costume is NOT “easy”! I did buy the leotard online, that was easy, I DID sew a superman symbol from another shirt onto that leotard. That wasn’t easy, I had to do it three times because sewing onto stretchy fabric is tricky and it was off center. I hand sewed EVERY SINGLE STITCH in that costume. Because I don’t own a sewing machine. I had NO pattern for her cape because it doesn’t exist in real life. So I had to make my own pattern and hope for the best. And then I hand stitched the yellow trimming around the whole thing and figure out how the right clasp for it.

And let me tell you about those boots I made. I made four versions of them. All out of duct tape. Because it is incredibly hard to find tall red boots that don’t look like they belong to as stripper, much less, tall red boots that don’t have heels. The first two I made were crap. They were sculpted around a pair of toms and socks. And they hurt like hell.

So I finally decided to paint an old pair of boots I had and that was certainly a process. Painting leather is not easy. Then I had to sculpt the duct tape around that and found the metal rods to put in the top for the triangle tabs to stay up.

In all, I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on that costume but it took me several months and three or four failed attempts because I had no patterns to go off of.

Now NUMBER TWO: DO NOT EVER INSINUATE that a someone had chosen their costume because they don’t actually know what it’s from. I had to school three whiny man children on New 52 Supergirl and prove to them I really fucking know every issue inside and out. I know a lot of people would consider that feeding the trolls, or they shouldn’t have to prove they like something. But I did. Because I enjoy laying into an asshole who thinks I’m a “fake geek girl”. Two of the guys didn’t even know she wasn’t red lantern anymore. One said he didn’t understand why I didn’t like Kara being angry and fighting all the time. “Well, you know, she is a girl …” Meaning what? He didn’t have the balls to say it. You think all girls are angry, well you’re about to find out just how much you don’t like the reality of an angry Kara because I’m her right now.

Two idiots called me “super woman”. Are you fucking kidding me? By that point in the day I didn’t have the energy to lay out all my knowledge on SuperGIRL, or nicely tell them who I was. I replied “no, I’m SUPERGIRL, freaking fake geek boys!” And they got angry.

No one has to prove their fandom to you, we all come to conventions to be with like minded nerds. We don’t all have to be in the same fandoms, but it’s the comfort of knowing other people geek out over things, even if its not the same thing. SO DONT be that asshole how asks “So, did you pick that character because it’s easy, or do you actually like them?” Unless you are prepared for me to go through every issue with you because I will. I guarantee that World of Warcraft Alliance Paladin didn’t have to prove to anyone how many hours he spent online.

Don’t be that sexist asshole, because I will lay you out to dry with my geekiness.


5. Because men are too emotional to vote. Their conduct at baseball games and political conventions show this, while their innate tendency to appeal to force renders them particularly unfit for the task of government. 

Alice Duer Miller, 1915

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Cassandra Cain Has Emotions: Confusion ( 4/? )

"Wow. If only that full face mask allowed Cass to be more expressive, perhaps if she showed more emotion, she’d be considered a relatable character." - says no one who ever read stuff with Cass before 2007

Seriously, though, finding pictuers of Cass confused was a hilarious experience and I’m glad I had it because she makes some amazing faces when she’s confused. Especially with Damion Scott.

Also. I am a huge fan of full face masks on superheroes. So it amazes and astounds me that this complaint about Cass exists when not once has that been a problem for Spider-Man.


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