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I'm a guy who makes music - I like trance, breakbeat, dnb, synthpop and lot of other genres too. If anyone wants to use any of my songs for something, just ask me! Check out my stuff here: . The name is from the song "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. Look it up.

I blog about electronic music elsewhere and use this tumblr blog for anything else. That's mostly comics at the moment : I'm a fan of Supergirl , Batgirl and Captain Marvel.



Start doing sit-ups, because there’s some gut-punches coming in the weeks that follow this Friday’s installment. Before that variety of feels is unleashed by and upon you, enjoy this innocuous preview panel from WEEK SIX!


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HAPPY GOTHAM ACADEMY DAY!!! Fall semester starts now!! The amount of support and kind words we’ve gotten so far has been overwhelming— thank you guys! I’m so proud of this comic!! brendenfletcher and karlkerschl I love you guys. Team Gotham Academy, WE DID IT!!!


I swear on all I hold dear that if I see one more person complain that Olive Silverlock is too quiet and angsty I am going to replace all of their food with Batarangs while screaming.


Action Comics #35

In the DC Universe, Clark Kent blogs on his Tumblr and Lois Lane reblogs posts from him.

But she doesn’t like how he made an Anti-Superman post. Tsk tsk tsk

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dont tell me you didnt see this coming

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I love this uniform so much.

This is so amazing, but I still kinda miss your giant wig.


All you need to know about Batman Eternal.


September 30, 2014

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Fine I admit it: I’m a Fake Geek Girl.

I only read 20-40 comics a week because I like wearing superhero clothing and interviewing comic book celebrities and writing articles on a voluntary, non-paid basis on top of my 40 hour a week job and three children and husband because I’m an attention whore who needs your unsubstantiated approval to exist in this very fandom.

I’ve only been reading comics since the New 52. Unless you count the time period five years before that where I quit because I was having a baby and was worried I couldn’t afford my first child and comics. Yes, I’m horrible, I chose the kid over comics. Oh, and there was the time before that in the 90s. But, since my brother got me into that, it obviously doesn’t count, because a male was involved. So therefore, any opinions I had then belong to him, not me.

You got me, I’m a phony. I’m only here to start crap and stir things up for “die-hard fans.”

I’m only here to propagate an agenda, or to once again, be an attention whore. Because I need attention to survive. That’s why I daily consider wiping out all social media accounts and just enjoying my comics in silence… or at least with my kids around me. Because, I obviously need you, judging me.

Except then, that’s one less voice making sure you don’t take over and drown out the fans who need a voice that demands they are just as accepted as your judgmental butt. You have a right to your kind of comics. However, do not think that means no one else has the right to their kinds of comics.

And do not assume that people say and do things because they need attention. Perhaps they’re just providing a conduit, a voice a message.