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I'm a guy who makes music - I like trance, breakbeat, dnb, synthpop and lot of other genres too. If anyone wants to use any of my songs for something, just ask me! Check out my stuff here: . The name is from the song "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. Look it up.

I blog about electronic music elsewhere and use this tumblr blog for anything else. That's mostly comics at the moment : I'm a fan of Supergirl , Batgirl and Captain Marvel.


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Last night I had so much fun on The Comicosity Hangout!! We talked about Gotham Academy, the writing process and romance, and how making comics is both the best and the worst thing in the world. (But mostly the best!!) I’m in the woods so I guess I was a little blurry, but I sound pretty good!! You can check it out here: 💋

Day 2: Favorite female character


Red Lantern Annual

I’d bet good money that no other DC book ever acknowledges how much stuff the Red Lanterns blew up. It’s totally not gonna happen, we’ll probably see an intact Eiffel Tower before too long in the New52 with no mention of them needing to rebuild it.

Seeing as Batman was the only JL member who made a cameo in this story, I guess the others were all at a spa or something while this was going down.

Goddamnit Enterprise, you’ve been gone for nine years and you still keep finding new ways to piss me off.


Batgirl Is A Phenomenon
from Robin 088 2001-05 digital

This is the oft posted “Become Faster” sequence in max tumblr resolution with a digital source. It perfectly captures Cassandra (skilled, intense, blunt) and Stephanie’s (a novice, upbeat, uncertain) characters.

The stinger at the end is a great example of Bruce showing paternal pride in Cass:
Steph: Will I ever be that good?
Batman: Honestly? Probably not. Batgirl is a phenomenon.

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It’s been a while since I got angry online. I generally don’t miss it: but call me Mrs Ranty, today I felt that urge again.

I tweeted all weekend about cake - mostly fun tweets, for which I was rewarded with a significant increase in my follower numbers - not that I really care about that, but…


Seriously, everyone. If you have a younger brother or cousin or what have you really into the gamer scene right now, make sure they aren’t getting swept up in the whole GamerGate mania right now.

There’s a horrifying lack of empathy brewing in the corners of the…


Today, it happened again: a number of celebrities were targeted, and their private, intimate photos were leaked online.

This is not their fault. You have the right to take whatever pictures of yourself you wish. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, then no harm, no foul. The blame…